[Learn New Vocabs] From Language to Life

Most of us have a metaphor (Sự liên tưởng, phép ẩn dụ), conscious (có cảm giác, có tri giác)  or not, that names our experience of life. Animated by the imagination, one of the most vital powers we possess, our metaphors are more than mirrors to reality — they often become reality, transmuting themselves from language into the living of our lives.

I know people who say, “Life is like a game of chance — some win, some lose.” But that metaphor can create a fatalism about losing or an obsession with beating the odds. I know other people who say, “Life is like a battlefield — you get the enemy, or the enemy gets you.” But that metaphor can result in enemies around every corner and a constant sense of siege. We do well to choose our metaphors wisely.

“Seasons” is a wise metaphor for the movement of life, I think. It suggests that life is neither a battlefield nor a game of chance but something infinitely richer, more promising, more real. The notion that our lives are like the eternal cycle of the seasons does not deny the struggle or the joy, the loss or the gain, the darkness or the light, but encourages us to embrace it all — and to find in all of it opportunities for growth.

If we lived close to nature in an agricultural society, the seasons as metaphor and fact would continually frame our lives. But the master metaphor of our era (kỷ nguyên) does not come from agriculture — it comes from manufacturing. We do not believe that we “grow” our lives — we believe that we “make” them. Just listen to how we use the word in everyday speech: we make time, make friends, make meaning, make money, make a living, make love.

Alan Watts observed that a Chinese child will ask, “How does a baby grow? ” but an American child will ask, “How do you make a baby?” From an early age we absorb our culture’s arrogant conviction that we manufacture everything, reducing the world to mere “raw material” that lacks all value until we impose our designs and labor on it.

If we accept the notion (khái niệm) that our lives are dependent on an inexorable (không thể lay động, không thể thay đổi) cycle of seasons, on a play of powers that we can conspire (mưu phản) with but never control, we run headlong into a culture which insists, against all evidence, that we can make whatever kind of life we want, whenever we want it. Deeper still, we run headlong into our own egos (bản ngả, tự ngã), which want desperately (tuyệt vọng) to believe that we are always in charge.

We need places where people come to challenge and reform the distortions (sự biến dạng, sự thay đổi) of both culture and ego — reform them toward ways of thinking and doing and being that are rooted in respect for the living ecology of life. Unlike “raw material” on which we make all the demands, this ecology (sinh thái học) makes demands on us even as it sustains our lives. We are here not only to transform the world but also to be transformed.

Transformation is difficult, so it is good to know that there is comfort as well as challenge in the metaphor of life as a cycle of seasons. Illumined by that image, we see that we are not alone in the universe. We are participants in a vast communion of being, and if we open ourselves to its guidance, we can learn a new how to live in this great and gracious (courteous, kind, and pleasant) community of truth. We can, and we must — if we want our sciences to be humane, our institutions to be sustaining, our healings to be deep, our lives to be true.



Absolute Tuyển dụng QA engineer


As a QA Engineer, you will bring extensive QA and technical expertise to test our Data and Device Security (DDS) product and other business applications developed with the latest technologies from Microsoft and Java. The successful candidate will be responsible for writing and executing manual and automated test cases as well as specialized testing covering the one or more areas of: UI, API, security, system performance, database testing, network/protocol analysis, and installation/configuration. In addition to test creation/execution the candidate will be involved in designing and extending the test automation framework.

What You’ll Need:

  • Take an active role in the creation of the project test plan including risk analysis, test strategy, and test scope.
  • Provide accurate task estimates and status reports.
  • Review Product requirements/specifications and other technical documentation to ensure testability and completeness
  • Develop automated UI and API tests
  • Develop automated functional and performance tests
  • Execute manual and automated tests on Web-based client–server application.
  • Execute manual and automated tests on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Platform
  • Identify and record descriptive defects
  • Collaborate closely with Development, Program Management and Support to analyze and resolve issues.


  • Experience with testing Enterprise software in a Client/Server or Web environment
  • Experience with functional and performance test automatio
  • Solid test plan and test case writing skill
  • Excellent oral and written communication skill
  • Excellent understanding of SDLC and quality processe
  • Experience with Industry standard test automation, test and defect management tools
  • Intermediate programming skill in Java (must have
  • Experience with web automation testing with Selenium
  • Experience with xPath and css in web automation testing.

Other Requirements:

  • Experience with REST API testing
  • Experience with SoapUI test tool
  • Experience with mobile automation testing
  • Solid knowledge of TSQL and database technologies.
  • Experience with VMWare
  • Experience with JIRA
  • Experience with qTest test management tool
  • Experience with Scrum

[Writing task 1] Line graph – Internet usage of population


The line graph compares to proportion of people in three countries who used the internet between 1999 and 2009.

It is clear that the percentage of population who used the internet increased in each country over the period shown. Overall, a much larger of proportion of Americans and Canadians had access to the internet in comparison with Mexican, and Canada experienced the fastest growth in Internet usage.

In 1999, the percentage of internet usage in America was about 20%. The figures for Canada and Mexico were lower, about 10% and 5% respectively. In 2005, the proportion of people using the internet rose to around 70% in both America and Canada, while the figure for Mexico reached just 25%.

By 2009, the percentage of internet users was highest in Canada. Almost 100% Canadians used the internet, compared to about 80% in Americans and only some 40% Mexicans.


Source: http://www.simon-ielts.com

[IELTS Writing task 1] How to writing a task 1 effectively

How many types of writing task 1?

How long:  20 mins – 150 words (10 -15 sentences)

4 factors:

  • Complete your tasks
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Using diversity vocabularies
  • Use grammar and cau truc ngu phap

Dang de:

Dạng Table, biểu đồ cột, đường (18%), dạng map và process ít ra. NGoài ra cũng có thể dạng biểu đồ tổng hợp. Sẽ có những tips cho mỗi biểu đồ.

Dàn bài: (Áp dụng for all types)

  1. Introduction
  2. Tổng Quan
  3. Thân bài 1
  4. Thân bài 2

Viết lại đoạn văn sử dụng câu hỏi để viết lại cách mở bài.


Đề bài: The pie chat show the main reasons for migration to and from the UK in 2007

Câu viết lại: The pie chat illustrate the primary reasons that people came to and left the UK in 2007.

  1. Introduction
Type of charts (Subjects) Main Verb Object Noun clause










The number of…

The proportion of …

Information on …

Data on…

That …









  1. Overview: Nhìn vào biểu đồ, viết 1-2 cầu về đặc điểm nổi bật của biểu đồ, ko đưa số liệu cụ thể vào phần này.

For example:

It is evident that both nations saw considerable fluctuation in fertility (tỉ lệ sinh), with lows during the 1940s and highs during the 1950s

The fomula for overview part:

Like: Overall, It is evident/bpvious/apparent/clear/that …

  1. Paragraph 1:
  • Chọn lọc, thu thập, tóm tắt thông tin quan trọng và so sánh chúng với nhau
  • Cần phải học thuộc các động từ thể hiện sự tăng giảm cho từng biểu đồ


Để ăn được điểm phần cấu trúc ngữ pháp, cần học thuộc các 2 cấu trúc sau:

Cấu trúc 1:


Cấu trúc thứ 2

3=> Sử dụng linh hoạt 2 cấu trúc này thì điểm writing task 1 sẽ được từ band 6.0 trở lên.

  1. Phân bổ thời gian:
  • Bước 1: Đọc kỹ câu hỏi và hiểu đề bài, paraphrase một opening sentences based on đề bài. (5p)
  • Bước 2: Nhìn biểu đồ , tìm ra điểm chung đáng chú nhất và viết ra 2 câu cho phần overview (5p)
  • Bước 3: Miêu tả chi tiết cụ thể biểu đồ, cố gắng chia thành 2 khổ để bài viết được rõ ràng, mạch lạc hơn (10p)
  1. Các lỗi thường gặp:
  • Copy 100% câu hỏi của đề bài để viết introduction
  • Không chia bài viết thành từng đoạn để bài viết được rõ ràng và mạch lạc về bố cục, thường sẽ bị trừ điểm rất nặng
  • Không viết câu tổng quan => Cũng là một điểm bị trừ điểm cao
  • Miêu tả riêng rẽ tất cả số liệu hiển thị trên biểu đồ, không có tính hết nối
  • Dành nhiều hơn 20p để làm task 1
  • Sử dụng các câu thể hiện quan điểm cá nhân.

(Senior) Quality Specialist for SAP HANA Database

Job description

Requisition ID: 121873
Work Area: Software-Quality Assurance
Expected Travel: 0 – 10%
Career Status: Professional
Employment Type: Regular Full Time  COMPANY DESCRIPTION  As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries innovate through simplification. From the back office to the boardroom, warehouse to storefront, on premise to cloud, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.  Team Purpose & Objectives  We have set ourselves the challenging task of further developing the groundbreaking SAP in-memory computing technology over the next years. The latest technologies in the areas of main-memory, multi-core processing, and data management now allow effective in-memory computing, which analyzes business data in real time and combines transactional and analytic functions to significantly improve the performance of existing business processes. As the basis of the SAP in-memory technology, the SAP HANA database is already widely recognized asan exceptionally valuable element of the SAP software portfolio and will be of crucial importance for theSAP market of the future. The SAP HANA database development team is developing a software engine that runs high-performance parallel in-memory processing on huge quantities of data to deliver extremely fast real-time responses to analytical queries. To strengthen SAP HANA with more features being added with highest quality, we are looking for QualityEngineers which help us in all quality aspects of the product.  The Opportunity/Job description  As a Quality Specialist in the SAP HANA Core team you will work in a cross-function team with colleagues from different areas and locations and with special focus to quality assurance and test related tasks within the SAP HANA product delivery process.  Responsibilities:

  • Able to define quality and test strategies for products respecting defined process and product standards
  • Able to analyze, define, implement and execute quality and test related activities according to the quality and test strategy
  • Able to analyze test results and take appropriate follow-up actions
  • Able to coach teams (Senior) in terms of quality assurance and test related processes, methods and tools.
  • Initiates process or tool improvements.
  • Contribute to the full development cycle
  • Work with a high degree of freedom and responsibility in respect to the design

Required Skills and Experience:

  • University degree in computer science, engineering or related area
  • Years of experience in Quality Assurance (QA) and Control (QC) in software delivery process.
  • Experience in source control system and code review process tool (such as Git, Gerit,..)
  • Background in Bug tracking tool (Bugzilla, Jira,..) and system management tool like Jenskin, Messo .etc…
  • Very good analytical and problem solving skills
  • A tester’s eye
  • Basic experience in database and programming languages: Python, SQL
  • Eagerness to have a very good customer satisfaction
  • Ability to work well in close teamwork in an distributed team over several international locations
  • Good in English both spoken and written are required (working in cross-team environment).

A plus will be skills in

  • Good knowledge of DB architectures
  • Distributed file systems
  • Distribution strategies for data
  • Experience dealing with customers and handling customer issues
  • SAP HANA We are looking for candidates who are committed to a technology career path. Your set of application documents should contain a cover letter and tabular CV, copies of the obtained degrees and references (if available).

SAP’S DIVERSITY COMMITMENT  To harness the power of innovation, SAP invests in the development of its diverse employees. We aspire to leverage the qualities and appreciate the unique competencies that each person brings to the company. SAP is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and to providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with physical and/or mental disabilities. If you are interested in applying for employment with SAP and are in need of accommodation or special assistance to navigate our website or to complete your application, please send an e-mail with your request to Recruiting Operations team (Americas: Careers.NorthAmerica@sap.com or Careers.LatinAmerica@sap.com , APJ: Careers.APJ@sap.com , EMEA: careers@sap.com ). Requests for reasonable accommodation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.Additional Locations: No Selection

Communication Skill

I’m sure that each of us want to be successful in life, so we always try to find ways to achieve our goals. To do that, we need have many skills and have heads would have many minds. In my opinion, the most important skill help me succeed in the world to day is communication skill. I choose it because this skill helps me get information quickly, persuade others to do things easily and express my ideas without difficulties.

Firstly, communication skill helps me get useful information quickly. It enables me make friend with a lot of people. So, I have wide relations. Thanks to these relation, I can get much useful information which I want. For example, I want to study abroad and I don’t know any information about which country i should choose. At that time, I receives advantageous information from those people who used to study abroad quickly. Otherwise, if i don’t have good interpersonal skill, I can’t get any suggestion from others. So, the more people you make friends the better knowledge you get.

Secondly, people who have a good interpersonal communication skill that they can convince others to do things easily. For instance, a manager who communicate to everyone well, he will have close relationship with his staff. When he asks them to do something, they will try with their passion to finish tasks. In the other hand, a manager don’t have good relationship with his staff, they just work on their duty only. So, both of result of working are totally different.

Last but not least, communication skill helps me express my idea easily and clearly. It means that everyone can understand my mean. Through that, they can exchange their ideas about my topic. Based on it, I can broaden and enrich my knowledge.

In conclusion, communication skill is the most important skill in modern life, which help people get effective information, persuade others to do things easily and express your ideas clearly. Nowadays, you cannot succeed without communication skill. Besides that, communicating skill help me develop others key skill life also.

Write for working day on 2/21/2014

On yesterday, I came to workplace at 8 AM, it’s so earlier than everyday. After checking in time into office, I turned on my computer and went to get a water bottle. It was amazing that Anton also came to office early because he often come office at more 10 o’clock. I said hello him and him too. It’s lazy if we talked with each other by chatting then I suggest him communicate by microphone and surprising that he agreed promptly :)) We had have a funny conversation. He asked me a lot thing about private life beside of working and me too. All of us use English to exchange ideas and information. He seem friendly and easy-opening person. I really like to meet him. He is older than me about ages of two. He told me that his girlfriend is much older than him and she love him a lot. Now, she is 29 years old but he have not thought about marriage with her. As me know, Russian gets married so early with age of 19 – 25. This is the best life’s period to build family. He is thinking about progress of our relation ship to forward marriage or not?. He said that it’s easy to fall in love with someone but marriage is very different. Love is the most important thing to get married but also many factors are to decide that you will get married with someone or not…
And he ignored my question by asking me about my relationship with friend who I went out on Valentine day. I shared him that he is just my friend, even though he is not my boyfriend till now. In addition, i told more that maybe he will be boy friend of mine in future :). Our conversation seem to be more interesting that it was stopped because my computer was shutdown suddenly. Thanks to this, I started working day earlier than I thought. Yesterday is hard working of mine. It’s really tired and exhausted to do many tasks. Next Monday is deadline for this task. I have to try more and more to finish on time.

One more thing special on yesterday that our team also have webcam which help Russia team and Vietnam team can be closer by seeing together by webcam. I’m not really happy about that because I don’t like to let them see me:(. I’m not confident about self.

That’s all of yesterday. I will write something for each working day to practice my writing English skill.

Learning English on sunday (13/10/2013)

Some new idioms which I learn today:
– Beak a leg: good luck – You will say this idioms to wish someone get lucky with their action (actor, athlete, footballer, runner, singer …)
– It’s raining like cats and dogs: It’s mean “It’s raining is very heavily”. American often use this expression to talk about the weather when it’s raining very heavily out there.
– Slang: slein : Mắng, chửi rủa (tiếng lóng school teenager), It shouldn’t use in formal situations such as: interview jobs, not written in business document or school essay.
– By Gosh: Thật kỳ quá, thật kỳ lạ
Ex: The lottery, I won a million dollar. Oh gosh, that’s fabulous.
– Cloud nine: A feeling of perfect happiness. It’s used when the speaker has a wonderful happiness.
ex: I can’t believe. I won lottery. Am I on cloud nine, life is perfect.

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