About me

My name is Man Tran Le, I just a simple girl that are always on the way to find who am I, I love thinking about human, about everything happens surround me, about developing in and changing inside me.

I love reading books, especially the books of kinds: self-help, psychology, discovery and animals world that help me enrich knowledge as well as satisfy my hobbies. I often like to observe all activities in detail in real lives and connect with things in the books I read. And consider that which is correct or not. Even that, books bring me to different views in different situations which sometimes not happenings in my life. So interesting!

I love in talking to with people who are young and old, are a child or a grown person, they also bring me a lot things about their personalities, views, thoughts and behaves. From that, I learn many kinds of personalities variety and apply those things in treat each person to suitable way.

I love traveling to  place which is not a tourist trap, is just a countryside belonging to a poor or developing country, these place always bring me many things to find out about history, human, cultures and something else. I rarely like to developed countries because they don’t bring me much values about what I want to explore except with luxurious buildings with rushy people as well as expensive services.




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