[IELTS Vocabularies] Relationship and Sports Topic

  • To pop the question: Ask someone to marry with you

Ex: I remembered that he popped the question while we were eating ice cream.

  • To see eye to eye: To Agree on a subject, totally agree – Ex: My father and I see eye to eye on most things
  • To settle down: To give up the single life and start a family – Ex: He has never thought about to get married with someone. But everything changed after he met Marry, he love her at first sight. So, he decided to settle down.
  • To strike up a relationship: Begin a relationship – Ex: She struck a relationship with an artist after she arrived in Paris
  • To tie the knot: Get married – Ex: She is planing to tie the knot with her German boyfriend next June
  • To be well matched: to be similar – Ex: My sister and I are similar about many things in life so we are well-matched.
  • To work at a relationship: to try to maintain a positive relationship with someone Ex: I actually don’t like John but i still work at a relationship.
  • a computer buff: An expert computer
  • To crash: suddenly stop working
  • To take up exercise
  • Strenuous exercise
  • badminton court
  • a strong swimmer
  • to run the marathon

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