IELTS Overview

  1. Listening: 4 parts – 30 minutes
  2. Academic Reading: 3 passages from 2000 -2750 words in total and become progressively more difficult – 60 minutes
  3. Academic writing: 60 minutes

Task 1: 20 minutes: 150 words – Describe about chart, table, diagram, …

Task 2: 40 minutes: 250 words – word essay about your opinion, ideas, discussion, …

  • Task 2 will gain more masks than task 1. Anyway, you will lose masks if you write the essays fewer than 150 words in task 1 and 250 words in task 2.
  • Always leave some time to check your essay after you have finished.
  • Essay are often on the topics that are of current interest: Read and listen to the news on wide range of subjects, thinking about the issues involved.
  • Task 1: You will get as much masks as you follow tips strictly: Task Fulfillment, Coherence and Cohesion, Vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Task 2: Focus on Argument, Ideas and Evidence; Communicatively quality; vocabulary and sentence structure
  1. Speaking: 11-14 minutes and including 3 parts.


Part Time Format Task types
1 4 – 5 minutes Introduce, interview Introduction, ID check

Your question about yourself, job, family, interests, …

2 3-4 minutes Independent long-turn You are given a topic verbally and on a card. You have a minute to prepare a talk.


You speak for 1-2 minutes on the topic. E.g: Person, place, object, or event.


You can answer 1-2 follow-up question.

3 4-5 minutes Two-way discussion You answer verbal questions and discussing more abstract ideas links to the topic part 2

P/s: Before you actually start learning and practicing IELTS that you should understand what it is and what its format, and it is for what. Who need to get it?

After that, you will build up a effective way to achieve it. Good luck to everyone and me.


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