[British Council] Great films that aren’t really about Canada

Factually correct: Đúng với thực tế

Preconditions to achieving: Điều kiện tiên quyết để đạt được…

ex: There are some basic preconditions to achieving happiness.

Enormous (i nố z mous) waterfall: Canada for me is a place that starts somewhere on the other side of that enormous waterfall.

A tunnel (tơ nồ) in the rock behind the water. The place is also popular with lovers.

The spot also attracts crazy people who want to throw themselves over the edge. These days it’s not bad if you like casinos. The latest one to open is called Fallsview casino, which, they say, is more luxurious (lấc zơ ri ơts) and sophisticated (səˈfistiˌkātid) than the Casino Niagara.

1. The hero was interviewed by a psychotherapist (sai cồ thía.. rờ pis)

2. He was getting further and further into debt.

3. He would never be able to pay the money back
4. Does this film have anything to do with Canada?
5. Canada is enormous … you can never use it up
6. He doesn’t seem to care about his girlfriend.
7. The film starts at the end of the story, then it goes back to the beginning.
8. Maybe violence is caused by unemployment.
9. The place is popular with lovers.
10. A lot of people are killed by guns in America.
11. Canada appears for comparison.
12. Of course they use their guns for hunting.
13. It begins with a shot of a waterfall.
14. Words come up on the screen.



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