[IELTS Vocabularies] Expression or Idioms about Traveling & Holiday

  • Have a thirst/hunger for adventure: Desire or hungry  to explore somewhere or something about adventure

Ex: Youngster nowadays tend to have a thirst/hunger for adventure

  • Quaint old building: A building is built as the old-style

ex: This restaurant is designed like the western-style quaint old building

  • Tree-lined walkway/avenue: A road has tree lines at both sides

Ex: Phan Dinh Phung is well-known/famous for its fantastic tree-lined avenue

  • Dominate (đom mi neit): => Dominate the landscape : At the height you can see overview of scene

Ex: KaengNam is said to dominate the landscape of Hanoi: KaengNam được coi là một nơi có thể nhìn tổng thể Hà Nội

  • Secluded beaches: Bãi biển hoang vắng

Ex: Rather than tourist traps (Những nơi du lịch đắt tiền), i would like to enjoy the secluded beaches

  • To get away from it all: Đi trốn, tránh xa mọi thứ
  • Holiday (ha: lờ day) destination (des tờ nấy sần)
  • Head for some places: Hướng đến nơi đó
  • Hostel (ha:s tồ)
  • Resort (Ri’zo:t) or Vila (vi lờ)
  • Tourist attraction: Điểm thu hút khách du lịch
  • Statue of Liberty (sta tsu: ov li bơ tì)
  • The great wall: Vạn lý trường thành
  • Go sightseeing
  • Breathtaking view: Đẹp đến ngẹt thở
  • Picturesque: pic chờ resk: đẹp như trong tranh
  • Hoard (ho:rd) of people/tourist: Đông đúc du khách
  • Go off the beaten track: Tự đi khám phá những nơi khác (ko phải là nới đông đúc)
  • The holiday of the life time: Kỳ nghỉ đáng nhớ nhất trong đời
  • All-in package : Trọn gói
  • Charter-flight: Chuyến bay thuê riêng
  • Check-in desk: Bàn đăng ký
  • Departure lounge: Phòng chờ
  • Far-off destination: Nơi xa xôi
  • To get away from it all: Rời xa nơi ồn ào
  • Guided tour: Tour được hướng dẫn
    Holiday brochure: tờ hướng dẫn kỳ nghỉ
    Holiday destination: điểm đến
    Holiday of a lifetime: kỳ nghỉ đặc biệt trong đời
    Holiday resort: Khu nghỉ dưỡng
    Hordes of tourists: Đông khách
    Local crafts: Đặc sản địa phương
    Long weekend: Ngày cuối tuần kéo dài
    Out of season: Ngày thường
    Picturesque village: Làng quê đẹp
    Passport control: Kiểm soát hộ chiếu
    Places of interest: Nơi thú vị
    Wildlife safari: Khám phá hoang dã
    Self-catering: Tự phục vụ
    Short break: Kỳ nghỉ ngắn
    To go sightseeing: tham quan
    Stunning landscape: Làng quê đẹp
    Travel agent: Đại lý du lịch
    Youth hostel: Nhà trọ

Part1: What kind of holiday do you like?

Well, I’m not a big fan of the tourist attraction that are full of hoards of tourist. I prefer going somewhere off the beaten track to avoid the crowd and explore new things.

Part 2: Describe a beautiful place you once visited. You should say

 – When you went to this place?

–  Where it was?

–  Who you went with and why you liked it so much?

Last year, after a hard year at work, i decided to get away from it all by heading for Korea, my favorite tourist destination so far. I went there with 2 friends of mine. The accommodation that we chose was the hostel which was not as expensive as a hotel. The things that made me fall in love with Korea so deeply were those breathtaking views and picturesque falling leaves. That was really a holiday of a life time.


1.Do you like holidays? Why / why not?

Yes, of course. I do love the holidays because this is the great chance for me to have a short break after working hard days.

2. Do you prefer to travel or stay at home during holiday periods? Why?

Actually, I would rather stay at home during the holiday periods because it is extremely stressful and uncomfortable to deal with full hordes of people, the crowd noise and expensive services at tourist destination.

3. What do most people do during their holidays in your country? Why?

Well, most of people often enjoy the holidays with their kids by going to the cinema or going to water-park and then having home-cooked food together.

4. When do you prefer to take your holidays? Why?

I really like to take my holiday by traveling to far-off destination in fall, because the weather is so cool in this season and i can get away from it all to go sightseeing, enjoy breaktaking views and pictureque falling leaves.


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