[IELTS Reading] How to increase your reading test score

Vietnamese students often get high score in IELTS reading and listening test because they can learn these skills by themselves. Basically, students can take a bit time on those magazines below for improving reading skills without feeling bored. It is more interesting than IELTS books, right?

Well, please take a look on which magazines that increase quite well for your scores. Here is the list:

  • New York Time
  • Washington Post
  • The Guardian
  • BBC
  • VOA news
  • Telegraph

IELTS test mostly takes a context and change a bit from these magazine post to be an IELTS reading exam. In order to get acquainted the reading exam, you can try to practice every day in 30 minutes. It is for sure the IELTS reading exam becomes easy as a piece of cake. Let’s do it from now and get a higher score.

Furthermore, practicing reading constantly helps examinee to enhance their writing skills also. While trying to understand the author expresses his mean in a post that you can gain how describe something or tell about things more effectively than usual. From good posts collection, you also copy and collect some great phrases to re-use in your writing. You certainly use what you learn and apply them in your own tasks then you can keep them in mind longer.

My writing skills are not really quite good now but I always believe I can improve it day by day. Although IELTS self-learning is the long journey which must require studier not only be much patient and calm but also having a good plan to do it. I usually find out and research how successful IELTS fighter did and do follow their way. However, I sometimes have to find the specific way for me because each person often has different way to approach something.

Next short time will be fighting day of me. Try my best and achieve the goals.


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