[QA\QC] Agile Testing Methodologies – Lesson 1

  • Propose incremental and iterative approach to software design
  • Customer can look at the product early and frequently and makes decision or changes any time
  • Small projects can be implemented very quickly. But large project is difficult to estimate the development time
  • The agile process is broken into individual that designers work on
  • Agile model is considered unstructured compared with water fall model
  • Error can be found and fixed in the middle of projects
  • Development process is iterative. The project is executed in short (2-4) weeks iteration. The planning is very less.
  • Documentation attends less priority like the software development
  • Every iteration has its owning testing phases. It allows implementing regression testing every time new functions or logic are released.
  • In Agile testing when an iteration ends, shippable features of the product are delivered to customer. New features are usable right after shipment. It is useful when you have good contact with customers
  • In Agile process, tester and developer work together.
  • At the end of every sprint, user acceptance test is performed
  • It requires close communication with developers and together discuss about requirements and planing.

Agile testing Methodology includes: Scrum – The main thing needs learning.


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