Senior Automation Testing

Currently I have seen many companies recruits senior automation testing with competitive salary and a numerous benefits so I am actually interested in on it. But I have no experience about automation, so it’s difficult to promote another position with much high challenges. Besides requiring have many experience years but proficiency of English is also must, especially speaking and writing. To me, I don’t much worry about English speaking, just  a bit not confident with Writing.

In future, I would like to change to another company because I want to work in more professional environment with many opportunities than the current one.

Since I have no challenges and opportunities to learn what I want and get the desired position. Although, i have a lot free time to learn, to prepare somethings and to do part-time jobs at the present but It’s not the main goal. I now want to focus on my key career first. On the order hand, having assurance in the career path which helps me get a fixed income to pay for my living’s fee. Therefore, I will pay attention and intention to enhance my testing skills in manual and automation for applying a new chance during in the current workplace.

In addition, I can do a part-time job as tutor – English teaching, one of the most favorite activity in leisure. This job helps me make more money which I save for plans in the next times. Besides that this job also keep pushing me to improve and advance my language skills. To work in the professional cooperation, need me to have enough language ability to adapt.

Back to testing, I am wondering what kind of company to work for? Is this outsourcing or product ones? In fact, I prefer working in the outsourcing company than the product ons due to variable projects. Through that I can accumulate for myself a lot of knowledge and experiences. More than that I have chances to work abroad in the developed countries where many technologies have been invented. Additionally, my CV would be more valuable in interview’s eyes, this makes me easy to get high promotion,such as leader, BA,…

Totally, I should prepare and be ready for any chances come. Temporally, I continue working in the current position then getting essential things.

Fighting, let’s learn hard and prepare to get the best things.


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