Learn more, study less.

  • Study: Read, memorise facts, attend school (Subjects, degrees, universities). This word is used when we want to talk about the ability to remember something, learn to remember something. Thus, it uses in school. Such as: Study Math, Study chemistry
  • Learn: Gain knowledge, skill by studying, practicing, being taught or experience something. So that, “Learn” is used when we want to talk about learn to be expert, learn to be understood and then from that we get knowledge, information and skills. For example: Learn to ride bike, learn to play Piano, learn to make money, …
  • However, many people often get mistakes in using them. Because “Study” is the first step of “Learn”. To get knowledge, information that we have to “study” first by read, learn by heart, Ex: I studied English grammar to learn it.
  • In short, Learn is aiming to get knowledge, information to use them. Study is different that it uses to read, learn to remember.

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