New Vocabulary (14/06/2015)

– Vaguely (adv) Mơ hồ, mang máng.

ex: I can vaguely remember the first day at school

– Slightly (adv) Hơi, một chút

ex: Are you worried? Only slightly

– Relatively (adv)  /ˈrel.ə.tɪ  Tương đối

ex: I had relatively few applications for the job.

– Delighted (adj) /dɪˈlaɪ.tɪd/ : Very pleased

ex: I’d be absolutely delighted to come.

– Otherwise : Nếu không

ex: Shut the door, otherwise, it’s get too in here

– Technical description : Bản mô tả kỹ thuật.

– By the end of…: Vào cuối của …

ex: Because of the annual budget must be submitted by the end of the month, Employees are busy calculating figures.

– Rewind (v) /ˌriːˈwaɪnd/  to put a tape recording back to the beginning

ex: Could you help me rewind this tape?

– Resistant (adj) /rɪˈzɪs.tənt/ Chống lại => Resistance (n) => Resist (v) to fight again someone or something that is attacking you.

ex: Mosquitoes are being resistant to insecticides. (Muỗi đang tiến hóa chống lại thuốc trừ sâu.

– Strengthen (v) Làm mạnh lên

ex: Yesterday, the pound strengthened against the dollar (Ngày hôm qua, đồng bảng Anh thì tăng mạnh so với đồng đô la.

– We have no way to verifying his story.

– Drastic (adj) /ˈdræs.tɪk/ mạnh mẽ => Drastically (adv)

ex: The government is threatening to take drastic action (Chính phủ dọa sẽ đưa ra những hành động mạnh tay.

– Resident (n) /ˈrez.ɪ.dənt/ Công dân

ex: He is a resident of the United Sates

– Precaution (n) /prɪˈkɔː.ʃən/ Sự dự phòng

ex: I’ll keep the letter as a precaution

– Detain (v) giam giữ  /di’tein/ – to force someone officially to stay in a place

Ex: One man has been detained for questioning

– Abbreviate (v) /əˈbriː.vi.eɪt/ Viết tắt

ex: The World Trade Organization is usually abbreviated by WTO.

– Ease congestion : Giảm ùn tắc


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