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I’m sure that each of us want to be successful in life, so we always try to find ways to achieve our goals. To do that, we need have many skills and have heads would have many minds. In my opinion, the most important skill help me succeed in the world to day is communication skill. I choose it because this skill helps me get information quickly, persuade others to do things easily and express my ideas without difficulties.

Firstly, communication skill helps me get useful information quickly. It enables me make friend with a lot of people. So, I have wide relations. Thanks to these relation, I can get much useful information which I want. For example, I want to study abroad and I don’t know any information about which country i should choose. At that time, I receives advantageous information from those people who used to study abroad quickly. Otherwise, if i don’t have good interpersonal skill, I can’t get any suggestion from others. So, the more people you make friends the better knowledge you get.

Secondly, people who have a good interpersonal communication skill that they can convince others to do things easily. For instance, a manager who communicate to everyone well, he will have close relationship with his staff. When he asks them to do something, they will try with their passion to finish tasks. In the other hand, a manager don’t have good relationship with his staff, they just work on their duty only. So, both of result of working are totally different.

Last but not least, communication skill helps me express my idea easily and clearly. It means that everyone can understand my mean. Through that, they can exchange their ideas about my topic. Based on it, I can broaden and enrich my knowledge.

In conclusion, communication skill is the most important skill in modern life, which help people get effective information, persuade others to do things easily and express your ideas clearly. Nowadays, you cannot succeed without communication skill. Besides that, communicating skill help me develop others key skill life also.


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