Talent or hard work

Some people believe that the key to success is hard work. However, others think that talent is the most important factor contributing to someone’s archievements. When people work hard, they will learn a lot of needed skills as well as get experience.

So through time, they will know better about their job and they will surely succeed someday. Working hard also gives people opportunities while smart but lazy people will never have.

On the other hand, God gives each person a special gift to do something which is called talent. Talented people can do anything they want faster and better than normal ones. All geniues always work hard but they cannot become great people without having natural abilities.

In my view, a person cannot succeed without  working hard and having natural abilites. For this reason, people should find out their real strengths and work hard towards their strengths. If normal people cannot find out their strengthes that they should work hard and enthusiastic with the current jobs. Time by time, they will accumulate much experience and success following the trend they chose.

By the way, no matter what you are talented or not, please give your best in everything you do.

Source: Ngoainguthanhnien.edu.vn – CLB tieng anh


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