I tried to remember my dreams when I was a child til now. I guess all of you have dreamed at least one in your life And any is wonderful dream with you or others. Now, let’s enjoy to share your dream together. To me, when I was a child, I want to be a millionaire. At that time, my family was so poor, the lack of good living condition to push me studying hard more than others. Once I want to buy something, I have to think so much because I worry my mother will take a lot money to get it for me. Therefore, I often saved money from my part time job or from scholarship at my university to reach anything I want. At the same time, I also wanted to be a doctor, because I saw many people don’t have money to have a good medical condition when they got sick. I hoped that I can help them free if I am a good doctor. But I seem forget the childhood dream when I grew up. Now, I just dream have more time to get knowledge from books and have much many chances to experience with something I have read, it’s mean to traveling all the world to make everything in my mind more reality. Life is so short, just dream and try do make it come true. because you pay nothing for your any dream. But I have some obstacle on the way to make my dream come true. Such as, I have to take care my younger sister and brother, It’s make  my dream pause temporarily. Also, with your dream, you will try a lot to get it and you will never regret if it didn’t come true due to your all ability.  With someone who have no dream, don’t worry about that, when you find your strengthen. I want to be a tour guide to show the world how wonderful of Vietnam, I will introduce them about something special and fanciful about culture, foods and Vietnamese.

When I had studied high school, I wish I could be a business man, who have leaded many people, is the person to bring a lot of chance of jobs for poor people with not high education. I will make our country more wealthy. But I failed university exam, make me move to another direction, I chose IT is the major in university which was the second choice at that time. I felt bored and wanted to neglect  everything.

You pay nothing for your any dream, so that, dream it and do it because you will be found happiness when something is done and your strengthen when you overcome difficulties to reach your goal. That’s all of things which I want to share with you today. Thank you 🙂


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