How to generate Metrics file

I have been trained about how to generate weekly metrics. To make me remember deeply that I write down something I got through training session. You have to notice 2 files to create a metrics file that P490S_Automation_Trace at statistic tab (1) and Test Automation Status.xlxs file (2).
Firstly, you must update to get latest info for file (1) from SVN.
Secondly, you should copy 2 files include: the previous metric file (IVT_Metrics mm-dd-yy.pptx) and (2) in one folder which just be created in Backup file with name is the next day when you created the metric file.
Thirdly, remember to change data from this week to the previous week (just edit by manual)of (2). Then, replace info this week by data in statics tab of (1). Next, saving this file with the updated information. Remember that, edit this file by hand not copy.
Fourthly, in this step you will create the metric includes 2 slides. One is information from (2). It’s very simple that you can copy info at step3 to the metric file. Another one is chart from statistic tab.
After finishing all steps above, we will commit these file on SVN and send an email to request reviewing. That’s all.


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