What did I do to create batch groups in assign process

There are steps which I conducted to create batch group in assign process on database MAN3:
1. Restore your DB from first backup of DB (DB setup)
2. Copy all .ivtx files needed to ivenovia_Input (not must missing any files, 17 files as my memory)
3. Run sync process
4. Backup your DB after running sync process finised. Notice: when you run sync process with error about “prod” tables. Please execute SQL below. Then you should restart running sync process again.
5. Next, running cand process and save DB’s backup at this process.
6. Next, running volume process and save backup too.
7. Set parameter “Max_grp_crt_batch” in Parm_Det is – how many group you want to create. Then, running assign process. As the result, you will be found groups created in batch_scripts folder.

We have fews notices you should be note to run these process above more smoothly:
– When you run sync process, maybe you must deal with error about “prod” table that you execute below SQL query to pass on:
– In new build, you will see that devs add more lines … to set share folder. In my opinion, you can create a folder on server sz8-ivt-01 and paste it’s patch in here.

There are all what I did to create batch group. If you have any question, please feel free asking me. Thank you !.


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