Write for working day on 2/21/2014

On yesterday, I came to workplace at 8 AM, it’s so earlier than everyday. After checking in time into office, I turned on my computer and went to get a water bottle. It was amazing that Anton also came to office early because he often come office at more 10 o’clock. I said hello him and him too. It’s lazy if we talked with each other by chatting then I suggest him communicate by microphone and surprising that he agreed promptly :)) We had have a funny conversation. He asked me a lot thing about private life beside of working and me too. All of us use English to exchange ideas and information. He seem friendly and easy-opening person. I really like to meet him. He is older than me about ages of two. He told me that his girlfriend is much older than him and she love him a lot. Now, she is 29 years old but he have not thought about marriage with her. As me know, Russian gets married so early with age of 19 – 25. This is the best life’s period to build family. He is thinking about progress of our relation ship to forward marriage or not?. He said that it’s easy to fall in love with someone but marriage is very different. Love is the most important thing to get married but also many factors are to decide that you will get married with someone or not…
And he ignored my question by asking me about my relationship with friend who I went out on Valentine day. I shared him that he is just my friend, even though he is not my boyfriend till now. In addition, i told more that maybe he will be boy friend of mine in future :). Our conversation seem to be more interesting that it was stopped because my computer was shutdown suddenly. Thanks to this, I started working day earlier than I thought. Yesterday is hard working of mine. It’s really tired and exhausted to do many tasks. Next Monday is deadline for this task. I have to try more and more to finish on time.

One more thing special on yesterday that our team also have webcam which help Russia team and Vietnam team can be closer by seeing together by webcam. I’m not really happy about that because I don’t like to let them see me:(. I’m not confident about self.

That’s all of yesterday. I will write something for each working day to practice my writing English skill.


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