Learning English on sunday (13/10/2013)

Some new idioms which I learn today:
– Beak a leg: good luck – You will say this idioms to wish someone get lucky with their action (actor, athlete, footballer, runner, singer …)
– It’s raining like cats and dogs: It’s mean “It’s raining is very heavily”. American often use this expression to talk about the weather when it’s raining very heavily out there.
– Slang: slein : Mắng, chửi rủa (tiếng lóng school teenager), It shouldn’t use in formal situations such as: interview jobs, not written in business document or school essay.
– By Gosh: Thật kỳ quá, thật kỳ lạ
Ex: The lottery, I won a million dollar. Oh gosh, that’s fabulous.
– Cloud nine: A feeling of perfect happiness. It’s used when the speaker has a wonderful happiness.
ex: I can’t believe. I won lottery. Am I on cloud nine, life is perfect.


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