Changing or not

It seems that the world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. When I was a little girl, i could think about meeting people from other parts of the world. However, now i have some friends from Australia, American and some other countries. Also, I can meet many foreigners at work or on streets, have dinner at an Italian restaurant, or enjoy a cup of coffee at a French coffee shop. So, I prefer moving a number of times, looking for changes because of some reason as follows

The first and most obvious reason to move from one place to another is to see the world. When doing that, I can improve my mind and enrich my knowledge. I can meet people of many races whose customs and habits are not the same at mine. I also pass through areas of different climates where even plant and animals are different. As I see all these things, I begin to learn that the world has a lot of things for me to explore to enrich my knowledge.

The second reason for moving is the opportunity to get better jobs and living conditions. Take my situation for an example. when I graduated from high school, I must leave for HCMC to get higher education because there is no college or university in my hometown. After graduating from university, I also had to stay in this city to work for, I could not find a suitable job in my hometown. In addition, the fact show that people around the world are very interested in moving to developed countries or cities to settle because of better living conditions.

Last but not least, some people move to new places because they want to help others or contribute something to the development of the place they come. They are usually volunteers who are willing to work in difficult parts of their country to help poor people there. Moreover, they come those places to change waste lands into cultivated areas or to establish their business in order create jobs for local residents to develop their entire economy. I think these changes should be encouraged and respected

In conclusion, I think that almost people want to look for something better than what they already have. Therefore, if people spend their entire lives in one place, they may miss many chances to develop themselves.

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