Why do company give scholarship for student?

As the report on Sai Gon Times weekly, Amcham VietNam and Intel product company as well as Coca cola Beverages last week awarded 50 scholarship for female engineering student who has high result in studying process in 2013.

The talented students from HCM University of Technology, University of Technical Education and Can Tho university are receiving funding due to achieving the high result throughout ACWES 2013 assessment rounds. And each scholarship is worth VND 8 million. ACWES is found in 2011 as a part of Amchan’s Community activities. The program also call for and encourage the others student try to get high result. Moreover, the student who receives scholarship will have a chance to visit and understand structure and cultural of Amcham’s company member. This makes students understand how to use knowledge they learned in real life, thanks to this viewing helps them to aware that they need to focus what to consistent with their career.

And Do you wonder why company to award scholarship to student?

There is some my opinion:
– Throughout giving scholarship to student, the owner company will can introduce their companies, business field, product and marketing.
– Attract the talented student who maybe work for them and they has a strong and power employee team which ready to work hard.
– Create a good relationship with universities to get excellent students to serve and work for them.


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