It is hard to say what makes a happy life, for our definition of happiness is not acceptable to all. This man’s idea of a  happy life will be entirely different from another’s. And what the third regards as a happy life may be acceptable neither to the first nor to the second.

Before trying to decide what makes, we have to quite definite what kind of happiness we want to achieve. For example, there is the kind of happiness aimed at by those who free themselves from all the world’s complications. Such people believe that the desire  for wealth and material pleasure in life is the root of all troubles and depression. They say that this desire always makes people unhappy

In addition, to be happy, in my opinion, we should not be very ambitious or greedy. Some people always want to get everything in their life, so they keep searching way to do that. Because of changing all the time, they get nothing at the end. Thus, they are happy when they know how to appreciate and consciously( co y thuc, co y) to enjoy what we really possess (private). Also, we always keep in our mind that ” The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill ” always makes us unhappy.

In my opinion. Happiness is happy moment in my life such as when achieving my goal that


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