Commuting to work

My friends usually go to school by motorbike, but I like doing it by bus

I choose to travel to school by bus because it is economical, safe and unpolluted. It only costs me 5000 VND to got to school. Moreover, I feel very safe on the bus because I can avoid traffic accidents that usually happen on the street. Also, on the bus, I do not have to inhale polluted air from many kinds of vehicles.

I usually leave for work about 6:30 am., and I walk to a bus stop not too far from my house. I catch a bus that comes by around 6:45. The bus isn’t very crowded when I get on, but it fills up by the end of the line.

Then, I get off the bus and catch another one going into the downtown. The second bus takes about 30 minutes, and it’s usually standing – room only. There is a bus stop about two blocks from my office. The entire trip takes me about an hour.

I buy a monthly bus pass, and I save a lot of money by using public transportation instead of riding my own motorbike.

  • to inhale = to breathe in
  • to fill up = to stuff
  • downtown = center of the city
  • standing room = standing place

There are some words that you should pay attention to remember. To enrich your writing or speech, I think you should study more and more interesting. 

Thank yo so much for visiting my Blog.



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