Being the famous

Being a famous person is a dream of many people. However, this has its advantage as well as disadvantages.

Let’s consider its advantages. It is widely agreed that it is easy for famous people to get attention wherever they go. As a result, they may find it easier to get better services. Moreover, they had a lot of good chance to do things. Also, they can use transportation with the first class seats when they go somewhere or common people often support them if they do business. Besides, the fame will also help us earn a lot of money. As far as we are concerned, a famous singer or film star gets a lot of money from his song or films; a famous sportsman earn a fortune from his success and sponsorship from many organizations. On the whole, fame brings us many benefits.

What are disadvantages? Do famous people have everything in their lives? No. They do have to pay a great cost for it.

Since they are famous, they often become targets of newspapers, magazines, gossips and sometimes madmen. Therefore, a famous person does not have much of a private life. His private life is recorded, edited, or exaggerated to suit the media. He often has to hide himself when being out. It is really difficult for him to have a peaceful life. Moreover, famous people sometimes become victims of assassinations, kidnappings, blackmail or robberies.

Obviously, its disadvantages far outweigh its advantage. So, is it better to leave fame alone? Would we rather be ordinary persons who can go for a peaceful walk on the street instead of being surrounded by bodyguards? Share your opinions on today’s discussion.

P/s: Each day a topic.


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