Try To Learn English

I like to study English so much. When I have free time I also learn it. Do you know why? I love english because of a few reason.

At first, I often search documentary on internet for my study. But most I rarely found vietnamese data . Therefore i just looked for english document for my Subject. That so I deal with a difficult problem i can’t read english or i can’t understand deeply and clearly meaning. Even though with a key word i reasearch also not translate Vietnamese. This is the most important to learn English. I think If you know it that support you so much. And I is a person who wants to get  high mark So I studied english so hard.

The second reason I want to get a good job after graduating at University. As we know, the parent just raise you when you studying, and when you have enough time and knowledge to stand by your power. I thinks you will shame if continuing on parent. If i have a excited Job I can develop my attitude for it, Moreover I can get a lot of money to conduct my dream for my children, my family, my sibling when they face to face difficult thing. And a short time, I will make a business with foreigner, so I have to communicate english so well to chat with them. Of course we will talk about provision in contract. I really worry If I can’t understand what I say and I can be cheat. This is the second important reason I have to learn english so hard.

The third reason that I conduct my dream travel on the world. The first area I want to arrive it’s  the European Where have best economy and modern technology. I wish I watch all of building in Paris, walk for sightseeing, and enjoy with good smell food in there, So great.

General speaking, English is very useful with all of us. It’s difficult to travel, read, and make a international bussiness If you can’t communicate English so fluently. So that you should learn English and some language know, I’m sure it’s so excited. If you can use fluently a language that you can make more money, make more friend and so on….


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